PhD and postdoc fellowships at the interface of quantum mechanics and machine learning at Sofia University starting October 1, 2020. Apply now!


I am moving to Sofia University (Bulgaria, EU) to start my research group at the Faculty of Physics. Research in the group will focus on out-of-equilibrium quantum dynamics to study problems at the interface of condensed matter, AMO, and statistical physics. To investigate the far-from-equilibrium behavior of many-body systems, we will be developing both analytical understanding and computational tools at the interface of quantum mechanics and machine learning. We are collaborating with leading experimental and theoretical groups in the field. You can get an idea about the kind of problems we study by browsing through some of my previous projects on this website.

There are currently open positions in the group as part of the research project “Reinforcement Learning to Manipulate Quantum Matter away from Equilibrium”, funded by a VIHREN frontier research grant from the Bulgarian National Science Foundation. The start date is October 1, 2020 with more openings to appear in the following years:

  • VIHREN PhD fellows will work on problems at the interface of out-of-equilibrium quantum dynamics and deep reinforcement learning to develop valuable expertise and skills in the high-demand fields of quantum mechanics and machine learning by doing cutting edge research at the interface of these exciting fields. Successful candidates will receive a generous stipend for the entire three-year-long duration of their doctoral studies, and will be provided with a laptop as part of the fellowship. More information and further application details about the PhD position are available on APPLY HERE.

  • VIHREN postdoc fellows will derive novel analytical approaches in non-equilibrium many-body quantum dynamics, and use them as building blocks to develop sophisticated deep learning algorithms to manipulate exotic quantum states of matter. Successful candidates will enjoy a very competitive salary, a laptop, and a travel budget to present the results of their studies at conferences and workshops, and participate in the organization of local initiatives. The postdoc position is for two years with the option for an extra one-year extension, subject to satisfactory progress. More information and further application details about the postdoc position are available on APPLY HERE. Long-term applicants, i.e. those who seriously consider joinng the group in a few years from now as a postdoc fellow, are already invited to contact me via email to request more information about future projects and research directions.

  • Paid Research Internships will be available as a part-time job for exceptionally talented and highly motivated bachelor and master students excited about doing a research project at the interface of physics and machine learning (e.g., a thesis project). Interested students should contact me directly to enquire about available projects and deadlines.

Sofia University 'St. Clement of Ohrid', main building.

Sofia University “St. Clement of Ohrid” is the oldest research university in Bulgaria and one of the largest in south-east Europe, with about 20,000 students. Situated within walking distance from downtown Sofia, the Faculty of Physics hosts research groups in various areas of modern physics. The Faculty of Physics shares Sofia University’s Lozenets campus with the Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics, and the Faculty of Chemistry & Pharmacy, providing opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations.

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